EWH periodically hosts events designed to allow students to teach each other a variety of technical skills. EWH also occasionally invites speakers to teach about issues relevant to engineering.

Past Events

Introduction to Digital Logic

Date: 3/25/2009; Facilitator: Steven Skroch
This seminar provides hands-on training in the basics of digital logic.


Introduction to Soldering Technique and Medical Instrumentation Repair

Date: 2/23/2009; Facilitators: Lucas Vitzthum, Vince Mi, Kuya Takami, Joseph Yuen, and Amit Nimunkar
This seminar provides hands-on training in basic soldering technique and medical equipment repair.


Basic LabVIEW Programming

Date: 2/17/2009; Facilitators: Amit J Nimunkar, Sara Karle, Michele Lorenz, Emily Maslonkowski
This lab familiarizes students with the software package LabVIEW from National Instruments for data acquisition and virtual instrumentation. The workshop also introduces students to resistors, capacitors, and transistor circuits. It provides an opportunity to build and test electronic circuits, and in the process to get acquainted with different laboratory equipment such as a breadboard, an oscilloscope, a multimeter, the NI ELVIS system, and other systems used in biomedical engineering.


Medical Issues in Developing Countries

Date: 2/4/2009; Facilitators: Amit J. Nimunkar and Lucas Vitzthum
This seminar and Q&A session was dedicated to promoting awareness regarding medical issues in developing countries. We bring to light the engineering challenges in designing medical technology for diverse conditions, and how engineering students can contribute to make a difference. We had three speakers from the Hackett Hemwall Foundation in Madison, established to providing medical care to under served people around the world. They spoke about the need for medical and engineering technologies in underdeveloped regions, and about some of the engineering and technical constraints inherent in designing technology.


Introduction to SolidWorks - I

Date: 2/4/2009; Facilitator: Silas Bernardoni
This seminar is designed to provide students with basic skills when using the 3D modeling program SolidWorks. Students learn how to build parts, assemblies and drawings. Students are given a physical model, and learn to construct a CAD model using SolidWorks. Students with prior experience with SolidWorks should plan on attending the SolidWorks - II seminar to be taught later this semester. We will also help the students create/develop models for their design projects, so they should bring their lab notebooks.


Introduction to Basic Electrical and Electronics Measurements

Date: 1/28/2009; Facilitators: Kristen Seashore and Jonathan Meyer
This seminar familiarizes students with the basics of instrumentation. The lab introduces resistors, capacitors, diodes and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Students have an opportunity to build and test electronic circuits and in the process get acquainted with the different laboratory equipment such as a breadboard, an oscilloscope, a multimeter, and other systems used in electrical/biomedical engineering.